• Rebecca Robinson

'Wintering': A mini book review & reflective journal prompts

Living in the middle of nowhere on top of a hill, I regularly see snowflakes falling outside my window, which has been a lovely and very apt backdrop as I curled up to read Katherine May's beautiful book, Wintering: The power of rest and retreat in difficult times.

A real ode to the healing powers of winter,

May explores how she learned to flourish when life became frozen.


Weaving together themes of human nature and wild nature, this gentle, soulful book immerses us in the darkest depths of the season whilst reminding us that spring is on the way.

May teaches us how to find rest and inspiration

during what can be a very bleak time,

encouraging us to lean into those periods of wintering

that we all go through.

I came away feeling bolstered and encouraged by this book and by nature's ability to thrive throughout the coldest, darkest months.

Have you read it yet?


Reflective Prompts:

  • What are your thoughts on winter?

  • Do you enjoy snowfall and frosty mornings, or do you find the chilly, darker days challenging?

  • In what ways can you lean into those moments when the world turns wintry?