• Rebecca Robinson


What does it mean to be a dreamer?

Why is daydreaming a life skill that should be taught and encouraged?

What does it mean to walk 'The Dreamer's Path', and why is it so important that we follow our own heart and soul-led path?


A dreamer is an imaginative, a visionary, a creative soul who chases their dreams.

Dreamers aren't a special, unique type of person - we are ALL dreamers.

The only difference is that some of us consciously, actively choose to define ourselves as a Dreamer - and when we do this, this is the moment when we first begin to walk The Dreamer's Path.

For anyone walking their own 'Dreamer's Path', I created this blog and this podcast for you: https://thedreamerspath.podbean.com/


Dreamers really do walk a different life path from the traditional 'paths' society prescribes to us.

A dreamer will see a path where there is none; they will create the light for a path that before was in darkness.

The nature of a luminary is to illuminate.


So often, dreamers are told that they seem to live in a fantasy world or on another planet, their head forever in the clouds.

To this, I say 'Yes!'. Precisely.

It is the job of a dreamer to create a new world.

Dreamers are very often hopeful optimists, with the soul of a storyteller or a poet.

They see sadness, but also beauty - and how much more beautiful life could be if we work on building our dreams.

There is a sense, when we call someone a 'dreamer', that 'to dream' is to sleep, to hibernate, to be unconscious of and disconnected from reality - and life can make it very hard to be a dreamer.

When we are perceived as, or state that we are a dreamer, we often hear in reply, 'Well, I'm a realist.'

But they are not different things, they are not opposites. They are deeply and intrinsically linked.

Dreamers conceptualise and create new realities.

Ironic as it may sound,

Dreamers bring about Awakening.


Often operating from a positive viewpoint, a dreamer will look for solutions rather than focusing on the problem, forever asking questions and searching for answers.

Very often, the dreamer's spirit can feel crushed if too much negativity is absorbed - and because Negativity and Fear are such strong emotions, we can mistakenly believe that they are Truth.

But it's important not to absorb negativity and limiting beliefs that aren't yours and don't belong to you.

If your dreams excite you when you first dream them, then they're meant for you.

Don't stop believing in your dreams.

Take action on them because they will become reality if we do.

So often we don't act on our dreams because we lack confidence, but we only become confident by doing the things we dream of.


For a boost of confidence, visualise yourself actively and successfully achieving your dreams.

We know that visualisation is a technique used to great success in sports coaching to boost performance, so we should never underestimate the power of our dreams, our potent imagination, and our creativity.

We've all heard stories of dreamers who shoot for the stars, and we all relate to them because we know, deep down, that our dreams matter, and that we are capable of achieving them.


For me, reading or listening to audiobooks opens me up to the Dreamworld, and writing and being creative is a portal to creating my dreams.

When we're little, we're often told to 'stop daydreaming', but it's a skill and we need to teach and encourage people to dream.


Dreaming is a life skill that will get us through countless tough times.

And although tough times are horrible, and no-one would choose to go through them, they can be a fertile ground to grow our dreams, offering us the opportunity to think about the possibilities of creating change.

A dreamer's mindset seldom asks 'Why?', but 'Why not?'.

With vision and action, we have a very powerful combination where we are able to act on our dreams and turn them into reality, which is why it's so important that we're never pushed into following the dreams other people have for us, however well-meaning or intentioned.

We must follow our own dreams and our own path.

When we walk The Dreamer's Path, we embark on a lifelong journey,

an adventure, a quest.

Dreams are magical, but they take some time and energy to manifest and realise, but it will be worth it.

I believe it's vital that we keep dreaming, and keep fanning the flames of our dreams and desires.

We are never too old or too-anything to achieve our dreams, and our soul knows the dreams it longs to bring to life.

Focus on this. Embody this. And don't allow disappointments or others' opinions to derail you.

We are all dreamers.

Some of us may have forgotten, temporarily, how to dream, and the potency and power of believing in our dreams and our ability to make them happen.

But I urge you to have faith in yourself, and to chase your dreams. The world needs, Now more than ever, what YOU have to offer.

If other people can 'dream, believe and achieve', then why can't we? We can! We absolutely can.


A dreamer sees Possibility and says 'Yes!' to it, creating new realities that feel like Home to their soul.

And when we look around us, we are seeing realised, actualised dreams, and we can allow ourselves to be deeply and magically inspired by this.

We are all just ordinary people, but it is our ability to dream that makes us


So, be a Dream Catcher, a Dream Chaser, a Dream Weaver.

Be a Dreamer and a Do-er,

and with this potent and powerful combination,

you CAN and you WILL achieve your dreams.