• Rebecca Robinson

Supercharge your Creative Dreams with Lunar Energy

Today, we're going to journey to the moon, and consider how we might use lunar energy to amplify our creativity.

Today marks the new super moon in Scorpio, and as moonlight temporarily disappears from the night sky, we may begin to echo what's happening in the natural world around us.

As the dark side of the moon is turned toward us, we may notice our own shadows rising up so that we can face them head-on and transform them. This is the moon of transformation, after all.

In the past lunar month, what shadows have risen up for you to shine a light on, and how can you transform them? Are there any creative dreams or projects you have been pondering or working on, and what has got in the way of them? So often, it can be things like imposter syndrome or that annoying niggle of self-doubt.

The new moon, then, could be the perfect time to consider your dreams and set some gentle new moon intentions. So, what are your intentions for the coming month? Rather than creating a bulging and overwhelming 'To Do' list, I like to pick one word that I can use as an inspirational guide, that reminds me of how I'd like to feel, regardless of what I'm doing. Some examples might be joyful or tranquil. What word would you choose to be your guiding light over the next four weeks?

There is something comforting and timeless about the ever-changing phases of the moon. Like the shifting seasons, it is constant in its changeability - and as Hal Borland once said, "Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night."

Just like us, the moon has cycles and seasons, and rhythms. Everything in nature changes and transforms, and we are no different. The moon, then, can act as a prompt, reminding us to check in with ourselves throughout the month and to reconnect not only with ourselves but also with nature and our creativity. When you look up at the dark skies tonight, remember to take a moment to re-weave your powerful connection to this wild, wide universe that we live in, and to check in with your soul and your goals.

When we gaze up at the moon, we may wonder what it would be like to be up there, on this mysterious, silvery orb. One of the things that has always fascinated me is the testimony of astronauts - those 'star sailors' who have traveled through outer space and even walked on the moon. Each astronaut left the bounds of this planet in search of something else - something bigger, vaster, and greater, perhaps - and what has so often struck me is that the beauty of planet earth is the one thing they really, truly noticed. In their testimonies, each astronaut becomes a poet.

The moon has long inspired painters, poets, and creative souls - shining its light of inspiration on all people across the world. It has sometimes been personified with expressions such as 'the man in the moon' or Luna and has often been described as having a feminine energy, strongly linked to the flow of tides, intuition, and emotion.

We have romanticised the moon for thousands of years, and there is something beautiful about the way in which the moon connects us all, and connects us, too, with our ancestors. We each gaze up at the moon with the same sense of awe and wonder, just as our forebears did.

The moon is powerful, and it shines down on us all. So, what are your new moon dreams and intentions? Take some time to visualise yourself feeling the way you want to feel, and doing the things you want to do, and consider the steps you might take to manifest your dreams.

And as the famous saying goes, if you shoot for the moon, maybe you will land somewhere amongst the stars. But I would argue that, perhaps, just perhaps, if we shoot for the moon, we will land right back where we started, more deeply rooted in the here and now. Home.