• Rebecca Robinson


Autumn. A season with its own energy and mood of melancholy beauty.

The trees become a kaleidoscope of reds, golds and russets, slowly shedding leaves that crunch and crackle under our boots.

The crisp chill in the air that we layer up against, wrapping up warm in woollen mittens, scarves and hats.

The abundance of richly coloured berries that hang heavily, juicy bursts of colour against blackberry bush, elder tree and pale, misty skies.

Ivy puts forth its flowers as other blooms are now distant dreams.

Sycamores cast off their seeds, which my mother used to call ‘helicopters’, for the way that they hover in the air as they fall to earth.

Squirrels busily gather acorns, ‘squirrelling them away’ in their woodland pantries, ready for a forest feast – if they can remember where they hid them!

Stags lock antlers, deer rut soon after dawn, and starlings swirl hypnotically overhead as they dance their murmuration.

Thousands upon thousands of swallows line up on telephone wires, preparing to fly off to where it is warm. Wings beating the air, birds set off on their long journey to find the sun, while delicate, striped redwings fly in to make this their home for the British autumn.

And whilst all of nature transforms itself with quiet busyness, we echo this seasonal shift ourselves, with our hankering to hunker down at home, cosy socks on, in front of a flickering fire, with something hot to drink and a slice of something sweet to eat.

As we keep warm, the word in our hearts becomes nurture


Nature is a great teacher, and Autumn has many life-affirming lessons that can inspire us, whatever season of life we are in…

Affirmations for Autumn

  • I acknowledge my ability to transform myself, and reflect on my journey, whilst anchoring myself in the present moment, enjoying where I am right now.

We can see where we've come from and where we're headed, and the past has plenty to teach us. What’s gone is not forgotten - it has its meaning - but try not to dwell or ruminate on the past. People, places, things, moments – they are transient, shifting, they come and they go. Loss is not failure – it is a part of life. Learn to let go, gently. What we lose simply creates space for new growth and positive change.

  • I am patient. I gather my energy and grow.

Growth takes time. We may be on a long path, but we are still on the path. No need to rush or take shortcuts. Take your time, meander, soak it all up. Enjoy the journey – sometimes our journey is a run, sometimes a jog, whilst at other times it is a slow amble and a sit down. Whatever the pace, be sure to savour the view.

  • I trust in myself and in life. Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be, right now.

Simply let life unfold and know that everything will be just fine. You know deep down, just as nature knows, what you were put on this earth to do and be. An oak tree doesn't second-guess itself - it knows its destiny and it grows toward it without question. Your path – the magical thing that lives within your soul, that fires you up and makes your heart glow – is already hard-wired into the fabric of who you are. The seed of what you were born to do and who you were born to be has already been planted. Water whatever you love with intention and action and - in its right time - it will grow and come to fruition. Have faith. It will happen.

  • I flow through life easily, accepting and embracing change.

As the weather and colours change around us - warmth turns to coolness, green turns to copper and russet - we notice the ways in which we have changed too.

We settle down to rest, enjoying the simple things and the abundance of life.

So let’s take a moment now to embrace all the good things in our life, and gather up, with glad hearts, the harvest of all there is to be grateful for…