The Dreamer's Path™ podcast is a soothing, magical, and inspirational space for soulful, nature-loving creatives to lean into living the life we desire. Click here to listen now.

This podcast will offer all wild-hearted creatives, creative freelancers, heart- and soul-led small business owners, crafters, artisans, and 'soulpreneurs' a calm moment to rest, relax, and reconnect with the real reason you write, paint, dance, sing, and create.

Designed with the intention to deeply relax you,

each episode will :

activate wonder, joy, passion, and possibility,

reawaken your imagination and creativity,

rewild and reconnect you with your true nature,

and remind you that you are more than enough

       to achieve your dreams.

The Dreamer's Path™ was also lucky enough to be featured in Psychologies -

the UK's biggest and best-selling mindful living magazine. 

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Psychologies magazine

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