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"Thank you so much, my love. Thank YOU for all of your wonderful writing for us – I adored your brilliant pieces – you are such a great writer."


"Thank you so much. I am reading it now and it is wonderful.  A beautiful piece."

"A great piece. Thank you for your wonderful in-depth research!"

"Thank you so much, Rebecca – it reads so beautifully, and I think it’s just the right amount of balanced research and insight. Loved it!"

Emine Kali Rushton,

Editor of Oh mag & author of Sattva: The Ayurvedic Way to Live Well (Hay House, 2019), Ayurveda for Modern Life, Reclaim Joy, and Natural Wellness Every Day: The Weleda Way,

and creator of KALIMAMA Earth Medicine and The Clearing.

"Rebecca's words are personal, powerful, honest, and well-crafted.


Her writing makes you question what you know and understand, in the best possible way.


Her piece on poetic pick-me-ups and prescriptions featured in issue 8 of Creative Countryside magazine, and she was a joy to work with.



Eleanor Cheetham,

Editor of Creative Countryside and  co-creator of Folk + Field

"Absolutely loved your engaging piece.

I found myself nodding all the way through it."

Chelsea Haden,

Online Content Editor of Creative Countryside and creator of Loving Life in Wellies

"A really lovely piece and we would be thrilled to include it in the magazine.


Beautifully written'.

Kate Ford-Thomas,

creator of Fabl Creative, and Editor of Aetla and Fen and Field magazines

''So beautiful."

Laura Lewis,

Co-Editor of Roots+Wings magazine

"Rebecca delivered articles for HerStoria which were always impeccably researched, and accessible to a popular audience without sacrificing any academic rigour.


She could always be relied upon to submit on time, a huge help when up against print deadlines."

Dr Claire Jones,

Editor of HerStoria 

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Writing Bio


I write features articles, reviews, poetry, and short stories, specialising in nature, creativity and wellbeing, and have been published in a wide range of print and digital magazines.


As a regular contributor to Oh magazine - a magazine that believes "mindfulness is nothing more or less magical than the good stuff we knit into our days, in the most ordinary ways" - I wrote a number of wellbeing articles on subjects as varied as nostalgia and the science behind why we cry, plus investigative pieces on herbal tea, flower essences, homeopathy, and astrology. 


As a Staff Writer for Fabl Creative, an independent creative studio helping brands showcase positive action for a better world, I wrote features and a 'Wild' column for Aetla  - "an independent magazine unearthing stories that explore how to be a modern human in a wild world".


As part of this role, I also created blog posts, web stories, and articles for Karta and 'Notes From' (a digital mini zine). Prior to this, I had written features for Fen + Field - a mindful magazine "passionate about environmental action and focused on conscious and ethical living" that "explores the human/nature relationship."

My words have appeared in many digital and print publications, including Roots + Wings - "the women's guide to living authentically", Creative Countryside - an independent magazine "centred around four key themes: stories, nature, folklore, and adventure",  The Dawntreader - a "literary publication... which gives the opportunity to let the imagination run free", specialising in myth, legend, nature, spirituality, and the mystical.


A piece on the ancient symbolism of flowers was published in Wedding Ideas - one of Britain's most established bridal brands, and I regularly wrote features and book reviews for HerStoria - an award-winning women's history magazine. In addition, I co-wrote an article on the power of positive thinking and motivational language for The Simple Things - a magazine that celebrates "slowing down" and that loves the "outdoors, microadventures, and forgotten wisdom".

Additionally, I also worked as a Journalist and Editorial Assistant for Kindred Spirit magazine, - the UK's leading guide to mind, body, and spirit - where I wrote newsletters for both Kindred Spirit mag and Watkins Mind Body Spirit - an esoteric magazine published by Watkins Books covering "a wide range of subjects from contemporary spirituality and self-development to mysticism and Eastern philosophy."

I am available for freelance features commissions and offer a 'done-for-you' newsletter and blog writing service to heart-led businesses inspired by nature, wellbeing, mind body spirit, and creativity. If you have any questions or would like to work with me, please get in touch.