Wildcrafted Creativity:
a course and meditations for wildhearted creatives

A course, nature meditations & journal prompts for wildhearted creatives & nature lovers.

Embark on four wildly creative, nature-themed guided meditation journeys and voyage through the:

  • Enchanted Forest,

  • Mystical Ocean,

  • Sacred Mountain, and

  • Magical Moon & Starlit Night Sky.


The elements of earth, water, air & fire will relax, calm, and inspire you, unlocking your imagination, sparking creativity & helping you find flow, whilst the journal prompts will allow you to go deeper & reflect on what came up for you during your meditation experience, helping you gain clarity on how to bring your creative dreams to life.

In this course, you will discover:

  • the nature of creativity,

  • why your wild imagination is so important,

  • when you can be creative, 

  • and how to 'find' your creativity when you've 'lost' it. 

Each meditation will reveal:


  • ways to overcome the 4 main reasons you become creatively blocked, helping you shift those limitations so you can unleash your truest, most unbound creative self

  • how the elements can help you find creative freedom by rewilding and reconnecting you to the earth and your true creative nature

  • how to find your creative rhythm and flow and access states of deep relaxation

  • & why guided meditation journeys can be used as a powerful storytelling tool to calm, soothe & inspire, freeing your creativity & imagination.

Do you...


... long to retreat to a sanctuary of serenity, a place just for you? 

... yearn to take a moment of sacred self-care & tune into that tranquil space within, reweaving a stronger, more soulful connection with nature & your creativity?

... desire to reconnect with your potent passion, power & purpose & unlock your creativity?


... wish you could dissolve your creative blocks & manifest your creative dreams with greater ease & flow?

If so, Wildcrafted Creativity: A Course and Meditations for Wild-Hearted Creatives might be just the tonic you've been searching for...

Coming Soon!

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