Rebecca Robinson Wildcrafted Words Freelance Writer and Journalist - Nature Writer, Wellbe

I'm Rebecca Robinson - a writer, poet & freelance journalist, passionate about Wildcrafted Words™. Thank you for visiting my online home.

I create online courses & meditations for nature lovers & creatives & offer a blog & newsletter-writing service for heart-led businesses.

Inspired by the wonders of the great outdoors, I specialise in the relationship between nature, wellbeing & creativity.

I love to weave Wildcrafted Words™ that capture the magic of mother nature - of the elements and seasons, the moon and stars, and the ever-turning Wheel of the Year.

Folklore and fairytales, too, ignite my imagination, and I am fascinated by the magical and transformative power contained within words. Each word is a spell when spoken by a true storyteller.

On my journey through life, throughout all its ups and downs, the constancy of nature and creativity has been an anchor. I am devoted to sharing with you those things that work like a charm, that weave wellbeing into my life, ignite my imagination, and set sparks alight in my soul.

In all of my offerings, the enchantment and wonder of the wilderness is my muse. Discover more about me by clicking here.


Offerings & Services



Writer, poet, and freelance journalist, specialising in nature, wellbeing, and creativity.

Plus, a 'done-for-you'

blog & newsletter-writing service for your heart-led business.

blog & newsletter

Wildcrafted Words -

a creativity, nature & wellbeing blog, plus magical newsletter sent out once a month on the full moon.


The Dreamer's Path -

a podcast for dreamers and wildhearted creative souls.

meditations & online courses

Wildcrafted Creativity -

a course & meditations for wild-hearted creatives and nature lovers.

Wildcrafted Meditations: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire - elemental meditations to unlock your creativity.


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